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When a tooth is lost to a severe cavity or knocked out by a dental trauma, the complications to your mouth can be significant. You will certainly experience a decreased ability to chew food. Depending on the tooth’s location in your mouth you might also notice a change in the clarity of your speech and the appearance of your smile.

As time goes on, the structural loss in the area might cause the nearby teeth to gradually change their orientation. As their alignment continues to change the change in your dentition could lead to dental attrition and dental fracture problems.

Dr. David J. Berg can often prevent these complications and restore the full function of your mouth by performing a dental implant restoration.

This requires a minimally invasive oral surgery to insert a titanium dental implant into the underlying bone structure. A natural process known as osseointegration will gradually bond the titanium with the surrounding bone tissues. This will fully replicate the structural integrity of the original tooth’s root.

Once this occurs Dr. David J. Berg can start the process of preparing an abutment to be fitted for a dental crown. If you live in the Sacramento, California,area and you have lost a tooth you should call 916.567.0900 to set up a dental implant consultation at Studio 1 Dental.