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The key to a successful smile depends on overcoming tooth hazards that exist. Although hazards can appear at any time, there are a few suggestions and tips we can offer to help you do your part to ensure your smile has the greatest chance of success. This includes the following:

– Avoid opening products or foodstuffs with your mouth, such as cans and soda bottles.
– Biting on inedible objects such as pens or pen caps can cause microscopic damage to your teeth or even minor malocclusions that knock your teeth out of position.
– If you wear mouth jewelry, be careful of the traps they pose, including being ripped loose, or cracking and chipping teeth.
– Avoid dangerous vices such as drugs and tobacco, as they can all seriously harm your smile.
– Exercise caution with the foods you eat, as some can chip or crack your tooth enamel when you bite into them.
– Contact sports and activities that put your mouth in a place where trauma can occur will increase your risks of an oral accident.

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