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Do you brush your teeth for two minutes at a time twice day? Do you brush religiously every day and visit your dentist once every six months? Are you looking for something else you can do to strengthen you smile? If you are, we recommend making sure you get enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet.

Your initial thought might be that calcium leads to healthy bones—and while this is true, your teeth aren’t technically bones. Instead, they are made of hard and soft tissue, which can be strengthened by vitamins and minerals. In fact, if you get enough calcium and vitamin D, you’ll be less likely to suffer from tooth decay. Similarly, if you have enough calcium, your teeth will be strengthened and less likely to chip or crack.

Vitamin D also helps your gums stay healthy and keeps inflammation down. But vitamin D has another very important role: it helps you absorb calcium. This means that if you manage to get calcium and vitamin D at the same time, you’ll get the full benefits of both.

Also—as mentioned before—calcium also strengthens bones, and while your teeth may not be bone, your jaw is. This means that by taking calcium, your jaw will be strengthened and your teeth will be better supported.

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