Preventing Tooth Decay with Sugarless Gum

Did you know that you can prevent tooth decay by chewing sugarless gum? Well, it’s true, and this is why! Saliva is an extremely beneficial liquid that coats and protects your smile, and the best way to produce saliva is by chewing gum. The chewing motion creates more and more saliva with every chomp, and… Read more »

Root Canals: Painful or Painless?

Root canal therapy can be a very important treatment. In fact, this treatment may be necessary to save your tooth and to alleviate suffering. Sadly, despite its importance, root canal therapy is arguably the most feared of all dental treatments. But does this treatment really merit the dread associated with it? Honestly, no. Root canal… Read more »

Thumb-Sucking: Breaking the Habit

A Habit from Birth Thumb-sucking comes naturally to children. It is a reflex. When babies suck on their thumbs, fingers, pacifiers, or other things, they feel happy and safe. This habit helps them to learn about the wide world around them. Young children often suck to soothe themselves when upset or to help them to… Read more »